This week hazehim.com emerged the winner from Florida. Very interesting idea came up with older brothers to test the loyalty of recruits! Young boys have promised nothing to eat for three days. What can do hungry guys? If you had not eaten for 3 days, how would you react at the sight of a donut, wrapped between eggs and dick? :D. In addition, elders laughed at the naked boys, where the liquid saliva at the sight of a donut on the dick. At that time they were tucking into a huge pizza! An additional difficulty was that eating a donut placed on the dick, could not help yourself with your hands! Fuuu, in addition to icing you could feel the foul balls! Desperate recruits, made ​​an offer he can not refuse ….

See straight guys do very gay acts to get accepted! Real tapes from college parties and fraternity rituals!

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