haze him lingerie party

haze him lingerie party

Sometimes we look at these crazy videos sent from the college and we do not know what we think about it;) For example, this week received a record marked “Lingerie” We were very curious what you guys sent us the brotherhood. As we saw this movie, we could not stop laughing from the craziness that took place there. The poor boys from the fraternity dress up in clothes and walk in the dorm collecting pledges, such as condoms, beer cans, and even the microwave oven. But that’s not all … If all academic obligations have been made, the brothers start a pillow fight and spin on the baseball bat, which has fallen, they must do something about the sexual stuff – very wild. I am surprised how some people are able to go away (literally and profoundly hahah). Let us rejoice that shit is gold for us LOL Haze Him


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