And this time was not without haze! The boys of the brotherhood have more interesting ideas for new, who want to fund their ranks. This time the competition was carried out in the hallway dorm. It was all the more painful for recruits, because all the residents of the dorm to see what they could be forced! So let’s get down to business. The recruits had to perform some unusual tasks. The first of them is bound with a ribbon two penises of boys, who stood facing each other. And so they had to run the entire length of the corridor (indicating that the ribbons were very short and we can guess what it was threatened;)). The second competition was to fuck a rubber doll in time. Of the ten boys in this competition, after two competitions have only three. Let them enjoy those who dropped out earlier, since the start of the Viking horns should not be very pleasant … Now you can see all this competition! :) HazeHim.com

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